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Don't Ignore Social Media

I know, I know, you're probably thinking - "sure but you haven't updated your blog since March 6, but you're saying don't ignore social media?" Fair enough, but let this be an example of what not to do. And for the record, while my blog has been neglected my Instagram has not. Anyway social media is important to your business and/or brand. Even if you aren't selling a product or a service it should still be a component in your overall strategy. For one reason - exposure! Take my business for example. Maybe a person or an business sees my posts on Facebook or Instagram, and likes them because they think they are visually interesting but the truth is they don't actually need someone to manage their social media because they are doing a fine job managing it themselves. Well, maybe down the road their needs expand and they can't keep on top if it themselves, or they have a friend or a colleague who needs help. Then they remember my visually interesting content on Instagram and then a connection is made! So don't ignore social media. Don't over due it either. Ask yourself, can I commit 30 minutes a day to managing my accounts - that's not just posting either. If you can, amazing! If you can't then consider partnering with someone who can manage it on your behalf.

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