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The Social Media Masterclass

I love learning. There's something about taking a course and picking up new skills and information, connecting with others and expanding your network. When it's online learning you get to do all of this in the comfort of your home in your pj's - if that's your thing.

On Tuesday I'm taking Jason Squire's The Social Media Master Class and I cannot wait. A colleague sent me a link to this class and I was interested right away. I did a quick google search of Jason Squires and came upon tons of positive reviews. I think what appealed to me the most was this explanation of the course, "The Social Media Masterclass will give you new ideas, tactics and strategies to grow your audience, increase your engagement, and acquire new customers consistently throughout 2017."

As a newly launched social media marketing company learning new ideas, tactics and strategies is key. In order to be successful and offer the best service to clients I have to stay on top of current trends.

Stay tuned for updates from my class - I'm sure there will be tons of live tweeting as well.


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