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CND Engineering Limited Featured in The Hamilton Spectator

Today I'm feeling a tremendous amount of pride for my clients, Andrew Zorko and Damien Lothringen, Co-Founders and Partners of CND Engineering Limited. They have been one of a few local Hamilton, Ontario businesses featured in an article by the Hamilton Spectator, Biz Buzz - A collection of business briefs from around the Hamilton area.

My pride is two-fold. One I admire their risk taking. In the article Andrew says, "We saw an opportunity that we could make not just a better living, but we could do the engineering the way we think it should be done and run the company the way we want to without so many people telling us what to do, how to do it and when to do it." If that isn't a successful entrepreneurial spirit I'm not sure what is.

The other part that made me feel pride was their recognition of the importance of using social media. Again, Andrew is quoted in the article, "Using social media tools like Instagram, Zorko said they've been able to reach a younger demographic — those in their 20s and 30s who might be buying houses for the first time." I know that they feel that social media is important tool in the engineering industry that hasn't really been used and I agree with them. I also think this statement applies to any business. It's a key component and especially with a younger, tech savvy generation an expectation.

Again congratulations Andrew and Damien. Considering it is also Engineers Week the article is timely.

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